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The Zon Zon no Mi is a Paramecia devil fruit and is known to be the deadliest devil fruit on the Paramecia type. It gives the user to manipulate, control, create, and teleport through zones. It was eaten by Evan Aurona.


It resembles a black orange with white stripes on it.


This devil fruit comes from an island that is mysterious and legendary. The first was grown in there but, Evan just took it and ate it which makes this fruit unknown.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: The user can create battlefields against their enemies. They can create it whatever they want to give their advantages. The Zon Zon no Mi can also has the abilities to send their enemies to any zones whatever they choose. Also, they can control any zones.

Weaknesses: It's same thing as any usual devil fruit. They're weak to water. For the Zon Zon no Mi, another weakness is that it's attack doesn't give damage. Instead, only the field they create can damage them. If the user create a zone, they have go to that zone to battle against their enemies.


Zone: Evan can create a black spherical spaced just like Op Op no Mi's Room. He can choose any size he want until the end of 1,000 meters.

Out-Zone Attacks

  • Copy: A white line will scan the zone and will transfer it to the Zone Data.
  • Cut: The line from the space will cut the area and Evan can carry it which makes the area covered by black spheres. He can control it with his hand. After that, he'll make the sphere disappeared which makes the cutted area drops down.
  • Paste: Evan can find an empty area and will create a new zone whatever he chooses from the zone data.
  • Delete: Evan can shrink the zone slowly till it's disappeared which makes the area in that zone no longer exist. When a person was inside the zone, that person will not be erased.

In-Zone Attacks

  • Scramble: Evan can cast an invincible heavy cyclone to blow away enemies, towns, and obstacles.
  • Deploy: Evan will create a new area which turns into a battlefield. He can only choose which one from the Zone Data.
  • Hover: Evan can casts an anti-gravity spell in the zone.
  • Shake: Evan stomps his foot on the ground and create a massive earthquake.
  • Spin: Evan will hover in the air and makes the zone spins around in circles.
  • Flip: Evan will flip the area upside down hanging his enemies, except him cause he sticks his foot on the surface.

Zone Data: Evan can make a bunch of black spheres appeared out of his body as it's shows data of the zones he copies. It's useful for other techniques like Deploy and Paste.

List of Zone Data's Techniques

  • Zone Bomb: Evan creates a black sphere-shaped bomb and throws it to the enemy or any surfaces. It will create a black space that fits the amount up to 3 people and it will shrink quickly making them send to the another zone.
  • Zone Trap: Evan creates a clear circle on the ground making a trap. When one enemy steps on it, a one person sized black space appeared surrounding that enemy and send to the another zone.
  • Portal: Evan will create a portal from another zone whatever he chooses.
  • Zone Prison: Evan will shoot a black sphere to the enemy. And what it does is it will create a black sphere trapping him and shrink it into a small ball like a size of melon.

Imagination Zone: It's a same attack as Zone Prison but different. Evan placed his hand on the person's head think what they want. Then, he shoot a black sphere softly to the person, trapping him, and shrink the sphere into a small ball. Inside that sphere was the person's dream world from what they wanted in their minds.

Fake Zone: Evan will find an empty space and create an illusion island. It only works when Evan is on seas.

Decoy Zone: Evan uses two fingers and touch any person including himself. What he does next is he use his hand that he touched as a gun and shoot a white orb to any surface creating a zone filled with bunch of decoys.

Screen: Evan put a movie-like circle that allows him to watch other zone. Just like watching a movie or a spy room.

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