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Zeon D. Hooverson
Japanese Name: ジオンフーバーソン
Romanized Name: Zeon D. Hooverson
English Name: Zeon D. Hooverson
First Appearance: The Blue Fox Appears! Water 7's Unique Shipwright'
Affiliations: Edge Pirates, Kitsune Tribe, Galley-La Company, Shichibuckai (former)
Occupations: Captain, Shipwright, Shichibuckai (Former), CP-8 Agent (Former)
Epithet: The Red Flash (レッドフラッシュ


Japanese VA:
Age: 24 (debut)
26 (after timeskip)
Birthday: October 4
Height: 5'8
Bounty: Bsymbol10800,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Cheetah
English Name: Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Cheetah
Meaning: Cat
Type: Zoan
Zeon D. Hooverson (commonly known as The Red Flash) was a member of the Shichibuckai and is the captain and shipwright of the Edge Pirates. He is also the main protagonist of the spinoff "One Piece: Ultimate Quest". Hooverson was born from World Nobels but ran away from home not liking being treated as royality instead as a regular person. He was then taken in by the World Government and was raised up to join CP- 8 making use of the six powers. However, he didn't like CP-8 operated and then moved to Water 7 under the care of Iceburg. During the time, he grew to learning the ways of the shipwrights and even built his ship: The Sharp Edge. Hooverson then went on a crusade to defend people from mean pirates despite becoming a pirate himself even earning a high bounty from "taking credit from the World Government". His skills were praised by Kong and wanted him to join the Shichibuckai (also partly knowing that Hooverson is born from Nobels). However, Zeon later resigned as a Warlord. Zeon commonly stays at Water 7 until his services are required.


Hooverson is a tall man with red hair that extends to the ground. He commonly wears different types of jackets but none with a shirt underneath. His appearance also changes drastically when transformed into a cheetah.

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