Zaru Zaru no Mi or in english Sieve Sieve fruit. Is a devil fruit which hives the abiltity to sieve any substance from another substance. It was eaten by the fishman Bones Fulgard.

Zaru Zaru no Mi
Japanese Name: zaru zaru ないミ
English Name: Sieve Sieve fruit
Meaning: Sieve, filtering
First Appearance: n/a
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Bones Fulgard


It looks like two banana's connected with each other at the bodom. It got several swirls and four lines starting at the top and ending at the bodom.


The fruits main abilitiy is to split two substances from each other. When the user activates the fruits powers he can choose any part of his body to transform into a rectangle-like sieve. Anything the user sieves with his/her sieve-like limb is splitted in two substances. For example: if the user would sieve an alcoholic drink the user would split it in two substances like pure alcohol and a water-like substance. It's even possible for theconsumer to sieve another devil fruit user and remove his/her devil fruit. This costs both the Zaku Zaku no Mi user and the other devil fruit user a lot of energy and both will be unable to fight any longer. The Zaku Zaku no mi user will be very weak for several hours. A last the user can sieve himself to heal him from poison (it's unknown if the user can sieve the Zaku Zaku no mi from his/her body). This power works alot better when used on liquided substances then on solid ones, according to Bones the most easily substance to sieve is gas.


Besides the standard devil fruit weakness, this devil fruit has one other weakness. If the substance would have a will the user of the devil fruit must push realy hard to let his powers succeed. If the will of the substance is too strong the fruit's power can be nulified (both the consumer and the substance are weakened though).


The fruit was eaten by fishman Bones Fulgard, who founded it in some bushes on an unknown island, located against the red line. After that Bones was uable to swim and remained 4 months on the island. Spending those four months with examinating and training his new power he was saved by a marine ship. Being unable to go home Bones decided to join the marines.

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