Zaku Montizuma

Beowulf hrunting and naegling sword by benedickbana-d72jbz2

Isshin Kurosaki

Japanese Name: モンテスマ袋
Romanized Name: Zaku Montizuma
English Name: Zaku Montizuma
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Tartarus Pirates
Occupations: Revolutionaries (former), Pirate Captain
Epithet: Dark Master Zaku(暗いマスターバッグKurai masutābaggu)
Japanese VA:
Age: 60+
Birthday: September 12th
Height: 6'7
Bounty: Bsymbol10821,000,000

Zaku Montizuma is a retired, but still notably well known, pirate. He is the father of "The Brothers of Destruction," Raiken and Miyazaki Montizuma. He was given the epithet, "Dark Master Zaku," for his dark armor and attire, giving him the aura as if he were death himself. He was known to be around during the era of Gol D. Roger, the first King of the Pirates, and was one of the very few men to ever hold his own in a battle with him.


Early Life

Powers & Abilities

Armor and Weapons

  • Sandā and Raitoningu

These two swords have been in the Montizuma family for generations past. They have the power to manipulate thunder and lightning at the user's discretion. They were said to be found on a deserted island near the end of the New World.

  • Armor of Death

The armor Zaku wore was so strong that it was able to withstand a full on tsunami, keeping the user completely safe. It is also said to be able to kill anyone that the user stares straight into his or her opponent's eyes.

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