Izumi Kairi
Izumi Kairi
Japanese Name: クラウディア·チェンバース
Romanized Name: Izumi Kairi
English Name: Izumi Kairi
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Sky Demon Pirates
Occupations: Musician
Epithet: Queen of Heart (メロディ女王ドKuīn'obuhāto) ({{{2}}}?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 15(Pre-Timeskip) 17(Post-Timeskip) 23(Current)
Birthday: April 12th
Height: 5,3
Bounty: Bsymbol10150,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Oto Oto no Mi
English Name: Sound Sound Fruit
Meaning: Oto means Sound
Type: Logia

"I'm gonna see the whole entire world! Allow me to join your crew as your Musician please!?"

-Kairi asking Nero can she join him.

Izumi Kairi , is a pirate and the Musician of the Sky Demon Pirates. Her dream is to discover different kinds of sea life. She used to be an abused slave for the Celestial Dragon Maribou Gandrake but after Hellsing D. Nero saved her she joined the Sky Demon Pirates. After Nero saved her she developed a crush on him and later fell in love with him.