Yori Yori No Mi
User becomes a lizard-like reptile
Eng. Name
Gecko Gecko Fruit
Eaten By
Paraguay Anya, Zira Tristar
First Appearance
Dragon Atoll Arc

The Yori Yori No Mi is a Zoan fruit which allows the user to become a lizard, gecko or similar. What makes it unique to other Zoan Devil Fruits is that the user has no Hybrid Form, instead just having a bipedal stance.


The first seen Yori Yori No Mi is a pumpkin-shaped green fruit with red splashes. Paraguay Anya, however, said her fruit was tan and brown to match her Zoan form. As mentioned, unlike other Zoan-type fruits, it lacks a Hybrid Form and may be due to the fact that the animal form is "cold-blooded".

Its name is misleading, the user becoming a lizard rather than a gecko all the time. Every model of this fruit also has a key similarity; all the animal forms have poisionous bites and are generally the same size.


Model: Leopard Gecko

This model has tan and brown scales, with paler yellow on the tail. Being a Gecko, a user of this model can scale walls and glass, and can see in the dark. First eaten by Paraguay Anya.


Doku Kōshō (毒咬傷 "Poison Bite") is Anya's first attack, which involves biting a foe. While it seems to be a basic attack, it is potent and can be lethal is left untreated. Its first appearence was against Zira Tristar, but proved ineffective against her Zoan form.

Baoru Kiba (バトル牙 "Battle Fang") is a stronger variant of Doku Kōshō first seen in the same battle. Using her adjusting jaw, Anya can extend her gape and allows her to bite down with much greater force and do substantial damage, that not even Tristar's tough skin can stop.

Akui Shotto (悪意ショット "Malice Shot") is the third attack revealed in the same battle with Tristar. Anya gulps gunpowder pellets, then uses her prehensile tongue to spit them out at high speed. It wasn't named the first time it was used, instead named by Cortez D. Nero is the battle against Meriden.

Tanjū Kyanon (胆汁キャノン "Spit Cannon" (Lit. "Bile Cannon")) was an update of Akui Shotto first used against Meriden. Instead of gunpowder, she uses a small cannonball, which is spat out slightly faster and explodes on contact.


  • It is the only devil fruit with Colour Variations.

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