Yamamoto "Naifun"
 (山本 Naifun) is a respected and legendary old. He fought several times against Gol D Roger.


Yamamoto is a mysterious man, some say he has all existing Hakis and knows how to control them others have said he has a monstrous Akuma, but no one yet knows the right. It is a generally nice and funny man. But seriously when is an unstoppable killing machine and its destructive power is unrivaled. Generally it is always peaceful even with others Goshin but never deals with these even in times of "peace" or encounters always keeping as far away from these. After all, is a man respected by the Navy, Government either by pirates at least decent. It's probably the Pirate 

everyone tries to emulate its past legendary battles with Gol D. Roger which always ended in a draw. Travelling in a small vessel containing it and five mysterious people. Although not much is known about the pirate.


  • Gol D. Roger: ​His relationship with Gol D. Roger was not a good one, they always quarreled and fought when they were younger. But they were good friends, but suddenly a fight actually happened, a draw two huge pirates known worldwide would have happened, the site that had been used was destroyed.

Haki e Martial Arts

Knows that Yamamoto has 3 Hakis and knows well control. Some people saw his katana turn into flames for so many attacks he did in less than twenty seconds on a sailor. He well knows how to use his fists free as a means of defense and attack, has incredible strength.

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