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Xavier Strung is the pseudonym adopted by an Agent of Cipher Pol, a further back up for keeping an eye upon the Yontsukiryu in the New World and such.

A note on this characters abilities before going any further: Xavier will be limited to interaction in the full KDT mode to the Saint Elysia Pirates and will have no interaction with any other fanon or canon characters and events save those characters and events come up by myself personally. He will not go on to decay the destiny of any one not created by myself personally or interfere with them in such ways after KDT mode is active.

Abilities and Powers

His full name is the source of his powers, the physical reincarnation of the struggle between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 Kingdoms hatred for one another drawn down into a human vessal. His parents are unknown, but he was given the name of Damocles K. D. T., the two middle initials running together with the last name to awaken his ability to kill the destiny of anyone around him.

Before taking up with the Saint Elysia Pirates, he only knew the meaning behind the D and believed it to actually be his last name. It is only as time draws toward a close with them, as certain events of destiny play forth once more as they had in the past, that each individual trait sealed within his name has been released.

Kuroshi: Black Death, the beginning of the decay of someones destiny. There is still time to resist and be saved if the destiny barers will is great enough to overcome, but the longer they remain within the presence of Kuroshi's namesake the more it will rot with time.

Destiny: The gift to alter his own destiny in the world however he wishes, so long as his will is great enough to compensate and pull through.

Tenbatsu: Divine Retribution, the final stage of decay of someones destiny. There is no chance to salvage what they may have done or gone on to become or accomplish, their chance has passed and crumbled to ash.


Destiny: Xavier will soon betray the Saint Elysia Pirates and lead Inta toward his death as the three traits of his true name are unveiled and fully brought to consciousness within him.

Much more coming soon.

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