Shadow man

Other Names
Mr. Blanche, The Traitor
World Government(formally)



"Why don't you talk about him?"

"Because he is a rare and sensitive case. Something I've swore to never see again". - Bellomont to Gorosei

X, also informally known as Mr.Blanche, is an unknown man that committed treason and a crime that "threatened the internal force of the world government". He is infamously known as "the traitor" due to his extreme actions. His current whereabouts are unknown but sometimes breaches into the world government that jeopardizes the safety of the world. 


His appearance is unknown, but a photographer took a picture of him in the shadows without having his face seen. The photographers' fate was never known to light. 


From a small conversation with the Girosei, Bellomont confirmed that he existed during the Void Century as he was part of the Twenty Kingdoms alliance. In rare warpapers, he was considered a decorated and "noble" warrior. He was then a leading man of the early Marines and was an outstanding example of Justice. However, he committed a terrible crime that was a danger to the World Government, resulting in one of the largest hunts in the World Government's history. Bellomont and the Marine Lords also hunted him down. Unfortunately, he was never tracked down and declared dead in absentia. However, this was proved false as to reports time to time indicate "kinks" in the World Government. 

In accordance to his in absentia, he is supposedly an accomplice to the Yonko Kaido as he gives him powerful weapons that are "not known" by the World Government. Bellomont knows about these weapons but doesn't say what they are.

Powers and Abilities 

It's highly unknown to what X can do, but Bellomont is accordingly the only man "to have known him". However, he refuses to speak of the traitor in full details based on what he told the Girosei:

"My only regret was that I met that man. He had such a calibur that no gun or man could ever had. In the most strangest of ways, I admire him so much, so passionately. With someone as deadly and mysterious like him, it'd be in the best of interests to never speak of such a man like him."


  • He is one of the rarest people to have an unknown bounty.
  • According to myths, he is supposed to be one of the most sophisticated men in history as he is rumored to have fought and befriended Kaido and even try to kill Gol D. Rodger.
  • In the archives of the World Government, they apparently posses the details and background of X. It is even said to have his name on it, but no one can confirm it. Bellomont is amongst the few to know his name and even threatened the Girosei not to mention it, for he would "put them into their grave". 
  • It's speculated that the Five Lords have linked a few pirates to Mr. Blanche, but this isn't confirmed.

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