The White Fang Pirates are a strong crew in the New World, led by their captain Drake. They are a crew of great power and influence, which is said to be near that of the Yonkou.

White Fang Pirates
Japanese Name
Romanized Name
Shiroi Kiba Kaizokudan
English Name
White Fang Pirates
Main Ship
Fanged Pursuit(current)
Total Bounty


Crew Members

The White Fang Pirates are comprised of a little over a 200 pirates. Excluding the captain and first mate there are 6 other core members of great strength and then rest are weak to moderately strong.

Crew Hierarchy

Crew Strength

It is known that the White Fang Pirates are near the level of a Yonkou crew and are feared greatly though out the New World and beyond. They command great respect on the seas but never start wars but rather wait to be provoked. As Drake the captain is one of the most powerful people in the world the crew is highly skilled as well, John Rodman the frist mate and the other 6 core members are very powerful pirates. The overall strength of the crew is not yet known but many fear them, it is said only the Yonkou do not fear them the rest are intimidated greatly. Seeing as the crew had past skirmishes with Kaidou and Doflamingo(when he had a crew) it can be inferred that not only the core members are skilled. Once when Drake wanted to meet Shanks who he admired the marines sent a 10 ship fleet to hinder his advance, but this proved useless as his crew easily decimated the fleet of marine battleships in a sea battle. When commenting on the powers in the New World and the White Fang Pirates Mormonga( marine vice admiral) said "people are so naive to think Yonkou are the only world class threats, there are others in that sea who are almost just as terrifying".

Ship- The Fanged Pursuit

The ship of the White Fang Pirates is a large vessel(bigger than red force). It has many cannons and rooms for the crew along with a large kitchen and armory on deck. It is called the fanged pursuit and was constructed from adam treasure wood.
Fanged pursuit

The Fanged Pursuit

Major Battles

  • White Fang Pirates vs Doflamingo and his crew(multiple times)
  • White Fang pirates vs Kaidou and crew(a few times, outcome unknown)
  • White Fang Pirates vs Marines:8 ship fleet led by 3 vice admirals(victory) refered to as "War of Thermopalye"

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