Wamu Wamu no Mi

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Japanese Name
Romanized Name
Wamu Wamu no Mi
English Name
Worm Worm Fruit

The Wamu Wamu no Mi was a Zoan type Devil Fruit that gave the user the power to into a parastic, worm-like creature.  It was eaten by the crime lord, Gusano.

Strengths and Weaknesses


The fruit's most promiment strength, is the user's ability to attach themselves to another person while in their full form, and take complete control over the person, and use them as a body.  While attached to a Devil Fruit user, the parasite has access to the host's abilities.  The user also gets access to the host's memories and knowledge, which they can use to gain information, and later use against an enemy.  If need be, the user can also inject a toxin into the host's blood stream.  

In hybrid form, while the user isn't able to take people host, they are instead able to suck nutrients from an opponent using a series of tentacles and stingers that they can portrude from their body.  They are also able to spit a form of neurotoxin.


The full form's greatest weakness is the size.  The parasite form is small, less than two feet long, and is relatively weak.  Without a host, the parasite is otherwise helpless, and vulnerable to attack.  Also, while the parasite can use the host's Devil Fruit's abilities, they don't have the skills to use them appropriately, and usage can be limited.

Aside from that, the user is affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Gusano uses the fruit primarily to take hosts, and to give him control over others, after which he uses them to achieve whatever his current goals were.  He rarely leaves his full form, and spends much of his time attached to a host.  When in combat, he uses his hybrid form.

  • Worm Venom: Gusano shoots a stream of his venom at his opponent from his fingers.  The venom is neurotoxic in nature, and causes instant paralysis, and prolonged exposure leads to death.
  • Worm Spear: Turning his fingers into blades, he jabs at his opponent.
    • Drain: After stabbing his enemies, Gusano drains them of nutrients, that can render them weak, and easy to kill.


  • Gusano's full form is based of a Goa'uld from the Stargate franchise.

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