Tsuuka Tsuuka no Mi (in english Through Through fruit) is a devil fruit wich allows the user to make his body spirit-like. The fruit was eaten by Kuusin Pallo Flin. After his death it came into the hands of the auction house Warmholder.

Tsuuka Tsuuka no Mi
Japanese Name: Tsuuka Tsuuka ないミ
English Name: Trough Trough fruit
Meaning: passage through
First Appearance: n/a
Type: paramecia
Eaten by: Kuusin Pallo Flin(deceased)

Powers and abilities

The fruit allows the user to go trough anything, it's even so powerfull that the user can let light through his/her body thus becoming invisible. However the user can't be 'spirit-like' and 'solid' at the same time. Making it impossible to attack and defence with the fruit's powers. This fruit is very handy for assasin's since the user can let air through his/her body, thus producing no sound.


Besides the standard devil fruit weaknesses, this fruit is very dangerous to use. Since one can decide to use it's full power one will suffocate or even go through the planet itself. Further more the user isn't protected by mental attacks such as hypnotism or Bushouku haki. The user who let's light through can't see and becomes blind (since the user's eyes can't catch light). The same goes for letting air through wich results in no hearing, suffocation or the user can't smell.


Pallo used his devil fruit in it's standard powers which only let physical blows or objects through. "With the power of this devil fruit one can walk through a battlefield without getting harmed." Thus Pallo's famous words when he kills somebody. Due to the fact one can't be touched by anything physical, this devil fruit provides great to almost infinite defence.


Ít looks like a cyan mangofruit with the size of a nut. It has 2 swirls one presenting the back and the other the front of the fruit.


it was eaten by Kuusin Pallo Flin who was a marine captain. After a fight with the Longlogleg pirates' captain Gargo 'Log' Alfrez he died. After that Gargo saw no use in such a "wussy-like" fruit that he decided to sell it to the famillyhead of Warmholder. It's currently within Warmholder together with several other devil fruits.


  • It's unknown why the user of this fruit can walk around while the devil fruit is activated.
  • It seems that the fruit's power is affected by gravity since one who use it's full power can go through the planet itself.
  • While the devil fruit is activated the user can still dislocate any limps of his body. Wich means that while the fruit is activated one does not get lighter or more flexible.

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