The Tsuki Tsuki no Mi

The Tsuki Tsuki No Mi(ムーンムーンフルーツ Moon Moon fruit) is a Paramecia  type of Devil Fruit that Enables the user To Push Away or Pull Objects to Themselfs, Making Them a Tidal Human( Shio no ningen). this power is Similar to how the Moon Pushes and Pulls the Waves.


The Tsuki Tsuki no Mi is a Blue and yellow, spherical shaped fruit with a stem sprouting out of the top, with swirls that go in a curly "S" like-pattern. Its overall appearance greatly resembles a Yubari King.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit's major strength  is that the person who ate the fruit can repel all incoming attacks, or even pull things and people to themselfs, the eater as the Epicenter. The Fruit's  power comes in two main forms. The Push power is strong enough to Push away An Assort of  blunt attacks, including  in the middle of hand-to-hand combat, bullets or even cannonballs Fired at the devil fruit user. The Pulling Power Can Pull a Object Towards the user, No matter its Weight or size, from a pebble to a Elephant. The weaknesses of this devil fruit is the draw back time between every push or pull, about a 5 second interval for the push and a 3 second interval for the pull, each push and pull take abit of stanima from the user. This fruits has great strengths, but even greater weaknesses as the user is hindered by the normal devil fruit Weaknesses as well.


This Devil fruit can be used to repel or pull enemies and objects to the user. pulling down a bridge when it is closed.

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