Tori Tori no mi model: huma bird (english bird bird fruit model: huma bird). Is a mythical zoan-type devil fruit. It gives the consumer the power to transform into a huma bird or a human-huma bird hybrid.

Tori Tori no Mi model: Huma bird
Japanese Name: 鳥鳥はミ モデル: フーマー鳥
English Name: Bird Bird fruit model: Huma bird
Meaning: huma bird
First Appearance: n/a
Type: mythical zoan
Eaten by: Fremdrick Hugo(deceased)

Power and ability

The main ability has already been told. Once the consumer tranforms fully in a huma bird he or she will never get tired of flying around also will the consumer be hard to follow with ordinary eyes. In the full form the consumer will have no legs nor bones wich means he or she will never suffer from such injuries. When the consumer enters the hybrid form he or she will get tired because of their human traits, however in the hybrid form the consumer will have more offensive power then in full huma bird form. While in the hybrid form the consumer has bones and birdlegs. The consumer will also be able to understand the mind of man and woman, because the left side will become male and the right will become female. In both forms the feathers are as hard as steel. The final ability can only be activated once the devil fruit is removed from the consumer or when the consumer got killed. When the devilfruit is removed (not temporally negated, but really removed from the body and soul of the consumer) the one who removed the devil fruit will die in forty days. The same is when the consumer gets killed, the killer will die within 40 days.


Besides the standard weaknesses of a devil fruit the consumer will lose his powers if he's stuck to something with glue.


  • Bone regeneration: (It's not realy a technique) one changes into full huma bird form and back into hybrid or human form.
  • Steel arrow: attacking with a speed of 210 km/h (plus the strength of the steel feathers).
  • Feather shield: protecting something by deflecting an attack with your wings.
  • Steel arrow (fused with haki): attacking with a speed of 210km/h (plus the strength of the steel feathers) and adding haki to harm devil fruit users.

Appereance and history

It's a green orange-like fruit with anti-clockwise swirls on it. It was eaten by Fremdrick Hugo who died by getting killed by his rival (it was a plan to kill the man). After that the devil fruit was shown in an auction house called 'Warmholder' with several other devil fruits. It current status is unknown.


  • All consumers of this devil fruit seemed to be aware of the devil fruits final power. Most of them used it to kill somebody who was too strong to kill.

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