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Japanese Name: アガサ稲村
Romanized Name: Toby
English Name: Toby
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine Vice Admiral
Epithet: Dream Maker Toby (ピンクの髪りく) ({{{2}}}?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 18 (Debut)

28 (After Timeskip)

Birthday: December 31
Height: 6'2
Bounty: none

"'You've made a grave mistake.. Challenging us.. Because we Marines show no mercy to criminals"

- Toby

Toby is a current Vice Admiral at the Marines he is regarded as one of the most known and feared Marines because of his tails of being able to trap people in dreams. Toby is the eater of Dream Dream Fruit


Toby is a tall, lean man. He wears a blue dress shirt and blue pants with his Marine cloak hanging down, he has black hair and blue eye's.

After the Timeskip

After the timeskip his attire has changed largely because of the fame he has gained. Toby has now grown in height a little and gained bulging muscles he now goes bare chested with his Marine cloak hanging from his shoulders, he wears a red and white helmet and a red, white and yellow pants with a red ribbon around the waist.

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