Tioro Comanche the "Silver Alchemist" is a pirate from the North blue. He appears to be relatively aged bearing a signature white mustache and Top Hat. He wears older fashioned clothes and often rambles on about "the good old days". However his feeble appearance speaks little for his abilities as he alone as captain of the Silver Crest Pirates has garnered a bounty of around 120,000,000 Belis.


Comanche is a rather shorter older mand with thinning white hair and a signature profound moustache. He wear older clothes topped with an old-fashioned top hat. He is seen carrying a silver pocket watch and a walking cane which can be galvanized by his powers for fighting. It appears that he also has lost a leg in the past and wears a metalic peg leg in it's place.


Comanche seems feeble enough always going on aboyut the "Good Old Days" but this is usually a ruse. He is quite capable of fighting physically and verbally and has a strong sense of battle. He is bold and brash for one so old and extremely arrogant.

Abilities and Powers

He seems to have an amazing sense of balace and dirrection as he often spins quickly atop his peg leg in offensive an defensive techniques without tipping over or getting dizzy.

Devil Fruit

Comanche ate the Refine Refine Fruit or the Senren Senren no Mi. This Devil fruit which he utilizes greatly allows him to produce silvery pools of galvanized "Chrome" on any non-living solid surface he comes in contact with. Then he can draw out metallic wepons from this pool of liquid metal. These weapons are his main form of attack and the way he produces them earned him the title "Silver Alchemist".

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