The Seven Shooting Stars are a group of Seven poweful Pirates with relatively High bounties. They each pose a decent threat but none of their current abilities exceed those of a Supernova. They are not to be underestimated.

Algoran Doreth

"Squall" (Krosian Archipelago) [Sky Blue Pirates]

265,000,000 Belis (After Association with Remnant. was 80,000,000)


"The Laughing Specter" (Unknown) [Benghi]

210,000,000 Belis

Monkey D. Lily

"Heiress" (Grand Line) [Merry Day Pirates]

200,000,000 Belis

Aron Migol

"Void Walker" (North Blue) [Shadow Dread Pirates]

165,000,000 Belis

Barons Durgeth

"Immortal" (South Blue) [Royal Pirates]

155,000,000 Belis

Vectis D Verde

"Crook" (Krosian Archipelago) [Crook Pirates]

140,000,000 Belis

Rolls Naps

"The Broken" (unknown) [Shock Pirates]

115,000,000 Belis

Navesse Deranger (Former)

"Headhunter" (West blue) [Headhunter]

95,000,000 Belis (After loss of Devil Fruit Powers. was 325,000,000)

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