The Renegades are a small band of warriors who split from the Siklver Stream Allance.


Sometine after the founding of the Silver Stream Alliance, Five new Pirates joined the group pledging loyalty. First was Sorenz Aisha, then was Cole, third was Bosun Chi- Po, fourth was Abel, and last was Daniel Washington. For some reason however Cole formed a small band of these five fighters and decided to leave the alliance. They took one of the ships extra life boats and headed out on there own. There tolal allegiance to the alliance is unknown considering Aisha, Chi-Po, and Abel were reluctant to jojn the Renegades.


Benn Cole "the Rebel" is the unnoficial captain of the Renegades. He orchistrated the "mutiny" and got together the five.

Sorenz Aisha "The Fire Flower" was the most reluctant to join the group. Her reasons for doing so are unknow. She still carries with her the flag of the Silver Stream Allance.

Bosun Chi-Po "Chubbs" was agains one who was relecuctant to join. His reasons for doin so are also unknown.

Abel Yggdrasil "The Prophet" was also reluctant to join though less so thatn Aisha and Chi-Po. His reason for joining are the most questionable as he considers himself a man of God.

Daniel Washington "Pressure Blast" joined but because he thought it was a joke and was all for fun. however jhe seems to feel only a smidge or remorse at abandoning his old crew.

Crew Strength

This crew is certainly small and the fighters are very inexperienced compared to others. The fact they mad it into the new world is a miracle. The sail a small dinghy and none have bountys over 60,000,000. There time in the New World may be short. However there ability would be considered average or above average in the rest of the grand line, four of the fighter possessing relatively decent skills. Cole being a good sniper, Chi-Po and Aisha knowing Martial Arts, and Abel having a devil fruit.

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