Colored lights.

Cheers and laughs.

Laughing and hollering.

Fireworks exploding in the night sky.

On the ground below, pirates from all over the New World were gathered in one place. What is this place you might ask? Why, this is Haven City, a metropolis in the New World dedicated to the future of the world and the ages they hold. Though there begs another question.

Why were there thousands upon thousands of pirates partying like it was 1999 in this city? Well, it a long story to explain, so I'll just give you a basic anecdote of what you've missed over the last couple of months.

Following the attack on the Celestial Summit a number of months ago by the Marines, there were five pirates who decided that it was enough with deliberating and planning, for now, it was the time for attack and making a move. These five men were known as the Five Gods of the New World: Kure S. Akira, Riku Di Cielo, Adrian Faust, Ryuu Tsubasa, and Raiken Montizuma. They attacked Mariejois with all their combined legions, burning the once known Holy Land to the ground, along with the suffering and pain of many slaves the Celestial Dragons put through. Then, Marineford was next, as if it hadn't suffered enough from the War of the Best. It was here that the tides of the world were forever changed.

The World Government was toppled.

The Gorosei were defeated.

Fleet Admiral Sakazuki was killed.

And the Age of Change came to an end, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity for pirates everywhere (depending on their definition of peace). This only continued when Akira instated former Marine Admiral Coby as the new Fleet Admiral in an ateempt to keep the Marines in check since he once knew Luffy and his dreams as well. New Gorosei were soon elected and appointed following this, but the Goshin didn't care, for the era that the world had been waiting for was upon them.

Where was I again? Oh right, the party!

The crews of four of the five Goshin were in the courtyard of Haven City's main sector, partying the night away as much as they could. Kasumi Shigeko was challenging anyone and everyone to see if they can outlast her in a drinking contest, Ishikawa Shinji was on a makeshift stage, playng his guitar for everyone's hearing pleasure, Zeiren Shiroi, Riku (Heatwave Pirates), and Saruwatari Yoshitoki were all cooking up amazing foods for everyone at breathtaking speeds, and Kid D. was lighting up the sky with various displays of his Goro Goro no Mi powers, amazing everyone he drew towards it. All in all, everyone was having a good time.

On the balcony overlooking Haven City in the metropolis' white castle, four men had their cups filled to the brim with some of the most expensive and finest alcohol money can buy. They were the five Goshin. You know, the ones I mentioned about a couple of paragraphs ago? Anyway, they all clinked their cups together and held them their for a moment as Kure S. Akira, head of the Goshin, spoke up.

"Men, let's rejoice in celebration as we have freed this world from the tyranny of the World Government's rule. Let all the world's denizens prosper in this new era." Akira said.

"I agree!" Riku said with a smirk.

"As do I!" Ryuu spoke as well.

"Peace and prosperity for all!" Raiken said with glee.

"But gentlemen, let us not share this toast to ourselves. We should share this with our friends." Akira said motioning to the partying crowd below them. Nearby, Akira grabbed a microphone and held it up to his mouth.

"Excuse me?" Akira asked.

The crowd below heard nothing but the sounds of a wild party.

"Hello? Anyone?" Akira asked once more, but was once again ignored. This made Akira grow impatient. Instead of waiting for everyone to acknowledge the Goshin, he simply did the only thing he could to get the attention of thousands of partying pirates.

He turned into his Hermes' Wrath form and had yelled out possibly the loudest roar anyone had ever heard! Everyone covered their ears as even the other Goshin flinched at Akira for doing that. Once Akira stopped, he reverted back to normal.

"Thank you," Akira thanked with a small smirk and squinted eyes, "Now, change has come over not just the New World, but the world as a whole. While our enemies have fallen at our feet, we have risen above them and above the rest. When they oppressed us and tried to silence the voices of dreams of millions of pirates worldwide, we rose up and would have none of it! For generations, peace has tried to emerge amongst the corrupt officials that opposed us, but it never came to fruition...not until now, that is. Today, the peace that the world has so yearned for finally arrives and gives us a recompense fit for kings! Today, we celebrate the victory and triumph of everyone's combined efforts who have made this peace possible! Today, we remember those who have fallen and have sacrificed so that this world may prosper for generations to come! Today, we celebrate...THE BIRTH OF A NEW ERA!"

Every pirate in the crowd below cheered like crazy for Akira's speech of victory! Their cheers were so loud, I bet you can hear them all the way from the East Blue. Akira and the rest of the Goshin smiled at their fellow comrades cheering as the Goshin all raised their glasses simultaneously.

"So now, we shall drink to a new era! An era of peace! Peace that no one can ever take away from us! TO A NEW GENERATION!" Akira yelled, raising his glass up further.

"TO A NEW GENERATION!" Every person said at the same time as the alcohol was consumed quickly. The partying resumed as fast as it had stopped. The Goshin simply smiled down upon their respective crew members and allies with proud looks.

"To think that this day has finally come...I never thought I'd live to see it." Raiken commented.

"All it took was the combined efforts of the best this world had to offer, and just like THAT!" Ryuu said, snapping his fingers when he said the last word, "The world was ensured the peace it deserves."

"I just wish Luffy could be here to see this. I would imagine what he would be like." Riku wondered.

"You mean every last morsel of meat gone in a flash?" Akira asked with a smirk as all four men shared a hearty laugh mixed in with a bit of sadness. To three of those men, their former captain had dreams he accomplished, but they were slightly saddened to think that he never got to see this day come. To Raiken, however, he didn't know what the others were feeling. He was never under Luffy's crew, so he didn't know what it was like to serve under the successor to Gol D. Roger. Instead, he tried to lighten the mood up a bit without being a total jerk.

"Hey guys. Come on now. I bet Luffy would be proud of all of you guys. But now is not the time to look back at the past, it's time to look towards what the future holds." Raiken explained, lightening up the other three.

"Someone's been following my advice." Akira said, toasting and taking another sip of his alcoholic beverage.

Raiken shrugged, "I learned from the best."

The four had a hearty laugh and then passed the time talking about various subjects about their respective adventures. This went on for about an hour, and the party was still in full swing. Ryuu then spoke up about something.

"Hey guys. Something just popped into my head." Ryuu said.

"What is it?" Riku asked, sipping his drink.

"Where's Faust? I mean, I know he isn't one for celebrations and all, but this is the time that he should be here, you know?" Ryuu asked.

"He said he had a bunch of trading reports to sign and act on. Can't keep that man from his work, that's for sure." Akira said with a laugh.

"Let Faust be Faust," Raiken said, "Can't change a person for who they are. Anyway, I say it's time we joined the REAL party with everyone else down there." Raiken pointed down at the partying pirates, "Besides, I'm getting hungry."

"Better than sitting up here by our lonesome." Riku said, finishing off the last of his drink, as did the rest of the Goshin, and headed down the stairs of the castle to join the party with their fellow crew members.

Unknown Location...

The Commander walked down the halls of the underground fortress and approached the large door that the hallway accomadated. Four guards were placed on watch there, two for each side of the door. Once the Commander approached the door, the guards immeditaley kneeled to one knee in a sign of respect for their leader. The Commander then reached into his coat pocket and removed a key, inserting it into the lock.

The door slid open slowly as the faint light shined into the dark room. In this room was a lone chair, and in this lone chair, was a lone man. He was tall, around twice the size of any average man. He wears a sweater vest, collared shirt, bow tie, white gloves, black pants, black shoes, and a wicker hat. The main color scheme was red for his outfit. Currently, seastone handcuffs were wrapped around his wrists, which were bound to the back of the large chair. The Commander walked up to the prisoner, who's face was riddled with scratches and bruises and stained with his own blood.

"Having fun?" The Commander said with a sick smirk on his face.

The prisoner's eyes snapped open almost instantly and he lunged forward to attack the Commander, but the chair he was in was bolted down to the ground, maiking movement impossible. The Commander didn't even flinch at the prisoner's lash out as he spoke again.

"Dishashashashashashashashasha!" The Commander laughed rather uniquely, "Your tenacity and audacity to attack me is noble. I respect that..."

Suddenly, the Commander's expression turned from amused to serious in a matter of milliseconds. His entire right arm turned a dark black color. He reeled his fist back and brought it forward at the prisoner's face, the punch connecting with so much force that in nearly knocked the prisoner's seat clear off it's bolted down foundation. The prisoner didn't even react to the punch. He's taken a lot more, and can take a few when needed.

"...BUT I DON'T RESPECT INSUBORDINANCE IN MY PRESENCE!" The Commander yelled loudly, "But do not fret. For soon, you will be the factor I need to usher in the new world. Your powers are what ensure my vision is to become a reality."

"You, and you alone...Adrian Faust."

Faust snarled at the Commander as he waltzed out of the room, bellowing his unique laugh as the door to the room slammed shut once again, the darkness returning to the room.

Sooooo...was it good or bad? 0____0 If I didn't protray anyone's character the way you envision it, feel free to edit it so they are to your liking.

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