The Ferryman
Japanese Name: 渡し守
Romanized Name: Watashimori
English Name: The Ferryman
Affiliations: Stray Dog Pirates
First Appearance: New World Saga

The Ferryman is the pirate ship that carries the dreaded Stray Dog Pirates and its Captain, Crawford Quade. His name was inspired by the ferryman, Charon, of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Ferryman is a Xebec (Chebec), he is fast, stable and large. He Weighs 260 tons and carries 24 cannons. In addition, he can carry up to 200 crewmen. The Ferryman has a pronounced, overhanging bow and stern, and three masts which are lateen-rigged. In addition to sails, he can be rowed. He was built with a narrow floor to achieve a higher speed than the Stray Dog's victims. The lateen rig (triangular sails) of The Ferryman allowes for the ship to sail close hauled to the wind often giving it an advantage in pursuit or escape. The use of oars or sweeps allowes the ship to approach vessels who are becalmed, or cross the Calm Belt if necessary. His figurehead is a lone skeletal figure with gold doubloons in it's eye sockets, shrouded in a tattered hooded cloak, stretching out it's right arm. holding a large ornamental lantern. He has the Stray Dog's Jolly Roger flying from the stern, and printed on the main-sail, which is a dark-green colour.

Xebec New Model Boats


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