The Big Three is the collective name for the three most powerful pirate crews in the world. They are similar to the Goshin, but consist of entire pirate crews rather than one individual. These three crews are a large threat to the World Government, so much so that they try their absolute best to keep all three crews from uniting in one battle. If they did, the amount of damage they could cause would be, according to the Gorosei, "catastrophic."

How to Become one of the Big Three

For a crew to be a member of the Big Three, their crew has to have a collective total bounty of over 5,000,000,000 bounty. They must have at least five members that the crew can present in a battle as a testament for their strength and teamwork. These five members will face off against five members from a random crew from the current Big Three. If these five members can defeat the current Big Three's five members, they will replace them as one of the Big Three. The Captains of these crews are omitted from this duel, as they are viewed as too powerful to contend with (men like Kure S. Akira, Riku Di Cielo, and Raiken Montizuma.)

Current Crews Apart of the Big Three

The Big Three
New flag 3 Demoneyez Untitledff
Great Dragon Pirates Demon-Eye Pirates Heatwave Pirates


  • The Great Dragon Pirates is the biggest and strongest pirate crew of the Big Three.

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