Tek Tek no Mi
Tek Tek no Mi
Japanese Name: Tek Tek no Mi
English Name: Metallic Fruit
Meaning: Iron Iron Fruit
First Appearance: One Piece: Pirate Legends
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Morrigan Blacque

The Tek Tek no Mi is a Paramecia class Devil Fruit used by Pirate Morrigan Blacque. So far, it has only appeared in the fanfiction One Piece: Pirate Legends.


The Tek Tek no Mi appears as a gray pear with the traditional devil fruit spirals covering it. It also has a stem that sticks straight up and is very thick, in the shape of a fist.


The following are the techniques used by Morrigan Blacque, the only known user of this fruit.

  • Tek Tek Gauntlet- Morrigan turns his arm into an iron bar, then slashes at the opponent with it.
  • Tek Tek Spinning Gauntlet- Morrigan uses his iron bar arm, stretching it out and spinning it at the same time, causing large amounts of damage.
  • Tek Tek Battle Gear- Morrigan replaces his entire body with an iron golem, increasing his defense and offense, but decreasing his speed and stamina.
  • Tek Tek Blood Sword- Morrigan transforms his arm into an iron sword, which constantly vibrates, and can be used against the opponents.
  • Tek Tek Shot- Morrigan launches dozens of slivers of metal from a transformed arm. This can be used in the Battle Gear mode.

Pros and Cons

While the Tek Tek no Mi does increase the user's durability and range of damage, it heavily decreases the user's speed and stamina.

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