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Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Imperial Dragon/Techniques

Imperialdramon Hybrid


Japanese Name: Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Imperial Dragon
English Name: Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Imperial Dragon
Meaning: Imperial Dragon
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: Ryuu Tsubasa

Regular/Hybrid Form

In this form Ryuu is partially transformed into Imperial Dragon. While in his hybrid form Ryuu has grown sharper teeth and pointy ears and dragon scales all over his body, on his hands ribs and feet.


  • Imperial Dragon's Roar (インペリアルドラゴンの咆哮 Inperiarudoragon no hōkō): Ryuu breaths in the air around him and breaths out a large blast of energy at his foes.
  • Imperial Dragon's Fist (インペリアルドラゴンの拳 Inperiarudoragon no ken): Covers his fist(s) in solid energy increase the power of the punch.
  • Imperial Dragon's Kick (インペリアルドラゴンキック Inperiarudoragonkikku): Like his fist, he covers Ryuu feet with energy to enhance the damage of his kick. He can also use this technique to his speed for a short amount of time.

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