The Takou Takou no Mi is Paramecia type Devil fruit eaten by an unnamed pirate. It turns the users body to a soft porous foam.

Strength and Weakness

This drastically reduces the hosts stength and weight to a fifth of normal becuase of the nature of the foam they have become which will absorb shock even from a pucnh thrown by the user. But by being five times lighter the user is also five times faster, albeit it is harder to control ther more rapid manuevers due to the hosts light body. however the user now has the ability to absorb blunt strikes to their body without damage of any kind, however they become weaker against slashing and piercing weaponry. The user can also utilize their soft porous body by contorting in billions of ways from stretching and twisting, to expanding and contracting. The user does however have limits as to how far, how big, or how small they can contort their body. Becuase the user is lighter and more porous they can draw in air and float by expanding their body. Similarly by compressing their body they can blow out the air they have absorbed with surprising force. While this fruit has many good qualitites it is physically weak and can be cumbersome in fast paced battles particularly when eaten by a heavily melee based fighter. Only one attack from this fruit was ever used and named. The host contorted their body into a bullet's shape while absorbing air using their porous body, then forcibly expelling it from behind them they shot forward like a rocket. This technique was aptly named "Foam Rocket". However hard the attack hit, it's own feeble strength kept it from dealing to much damage even though it hit the enemy dead on. The host was dispatched shortly after. It is believed that it was used against one of the Six Stars

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