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The Susanoo is the primary sailing vessel used by the Saint Elysia Pirates. In lay-mans terms, Susanoo is hardly capable of being defined as a "ship", due to the design and materials it is made out of. The more basic aspects of it represent that of the modern Junk.

Ship Design and Appearance cont.

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Certain panels within the Susanoo are capable of flipping on an internal axis bar, revealing a large display of weaponry. For the most part each crew member stores their best tools there or in other secret compartments across the Junk's body. The largest display of weaponry belongs to Dalmyo.


The metal exo-skeleton wrapped about Susanoo is capable of absorbing the kinetic energy behind most blows and storing it in the cannon's for return fire. It was designed by Kenta Senmaru after studying Inta's body to learn how his San'no Hikaru mode worked.


Aside from the Kinetic Cannon's stored on board, at least two other uncommonly designed cannons line the underside in specifically sealed compartments used for destroying the keel of enemy ships.


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Coming Soon.

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