Soul Pirates
Japanese Name: 魂の海賊
Romanized Name: Tamashī no kaizoku
English Name: Soul Pirates
Main Ship: Haunted Voyage
First Appearance:
Captain: Daidarabotchi
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10 Unknown

The Soul Pirates  (魂の海賊, Tamashī no kaizoku) is a pirate crew that originated from the Grand Line, consisting of members well known as The Worst Generation. They are the main protagonists of the fanon series: One Piece: Souls, written by User:Betray. They are led by the Second Pirate King, Daidarabotchi and, they sail towards Raftel, the end of the New World in the Grand Line. The Vice Admirals is in charge of capturing the notorious group, and they rival strongly with the Heartless Pirates.

This is the crew that traveled around the Grand Line together and their actions are currently parts of legends. They currently luxuriate in Skypiea, with their ship, the Haunted Voyage...

Soul Pirates
Daidarabotchi Blaze1
Daidarabotchi Blaze

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