Souki Souki no Mi
Japanese Name: Souki Souki no Mi
English Name: Recall Recall Fruit
Meaning: Flashback, Recall
First Appearance: Ye to be Revealed
Type: paramecia
Eaten by: Barons Durgeth


Souki Souki no Mi, or the Recall Recall Fruit, is a Paramecia class Devil Fruit that gives the user invulnerability to a form of offense used to defeate him previously.


This Fruit was eaten by the pirate Barons Durgeth the "Immortal", a rookie upstart already famous for his recuperative abilities which have so far given him a 90,000,000 Beli bounty.


This Devil Fruit gives the user amazing recuperative abiliteis allowing them to come back from the brink of death. in addition the user becomes immune to damage dealt to him by the form of offense used to defeat him previously, in which case he can become immune to more than one form of attack this combined with his fast recovery speed makes him a candidate for immortality.

Pros and Cons

While this fruit does make him immune to many forms of attack even super boosting the users immune system it cannot negate damage from Sea Prism of for the ocean so drowning is still a high possibility, particullarly since this fruit offers zero offensive and/or defensive abilities. Haki can deal dmamage as well as it can negate the fruit's powers if used in a high enough degree.

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