Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Sonkai
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Chasm Pirates, Revolutionaries
Occupations: Weaponsmaster, First Mate
Epithet: Lion of Shandia
Japanese VA:
Age: 26
Birthday: December 19
Bounty: 40,000 Beli


Sonkai is a tall, dark-skinned man who wears his black hair loose to his shoulders. He has vestigial wings on his back which are reminiscent of Skypeian wings. He always wears red-tinted sunglasses and short pants. He has two tattoos of skysharks (one on each arm) and many battle scars.


Sonkai is the half-Shandian son of Laki (of Skypeia Arc fame) and an unknown Blue Sea dweller. He has inherited his mother's strong spirit and likeable temperment. He is always the one to urge caution in most situations. However, in battle, he is a fierce and steadfast warrior. His hubris is that he can never back down from a challenge of any kind once it has been issued to him. He claims it would "ruin the honor of his heritage," because he doesn't want to shame his Shandian forbears.


Sonkai is a master at his self-developed fighting style: Dial Kenpo. He also has a low level of Haki

Dial Kenpo

See Dial Kenpo

This fighting style involves augmenting one's punches with a pair of Skypeian Axe Dials. This turns the user's punches into slashing weapons, effectively making him he group's swordsman.


See Haki



  • Laki; Mother (deceased)
  • Blue Sea captain; Father (unknown if living or dead)



Early Life

Sonkai was born on the Island of Tequila Wolf in East Blue. Since the completion of the bridge more than 40 years ago, Tequila Wolf had become a thriving trade center. Sonkai was abandoned by his father before he could remember him. He grew up on the streets as an orphan.


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