Solomon D. Brigade

Solomon D. Brigade is the Captain of the Executioner Pirates. He uses the Cord-Cord Fruit in battle, which allows him to turn his arms into ropes, earning him the nickname of 'The Hangman'. His current bounty is 60,000,000 beri, althoough he is only 19 years old.


He has straggly black hair and lightly tanned skin which us almost always kept under a brown bandana with ap onytail at the back. He normally wears loose cotton clothing in muted colours and a cape over his back.He is almost always seen with his cutlass slung over his back apart from when he is fighting.


He originally came from West Blue, and comes from the same village as Shanks. Like Luffy, Shanks inspired him to become a pirate. When he was 16 he left his village and gathered a crew who would come to be known as the executioner pirates. Before entering the Grand Line there were 5 of them. Shortly after arriving, they encountered a Marine base, which a corrupt World Government official was using as a hideout. After defeating the official Solomon freed the Marines under his command, numbering 100 exactly. With nowhere to go they converted a marine battleship and joined Solomon.

He is now making slow but steady progress down the Grand Line

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