Japanese Name: 小さな解除
Romanized Name: Chīsana kaijo
English Name: Smallun
First Appearance: N/A
Affiliations: R'lyeh Pirates
Occupations: Pirate/Former Gorgon Hunter/marksman
Epithet: Perseus, The Gorgon Slayer
Japanese VA:
Age: 19
Birthday: ??
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Bounty: 10,000
Devil Fruit
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Smallun is a former gorgon hunter and member of the R'lyeh Pirates.


He has black hair and brown eyes, one black angel wing and one black deamon wing.


he is usually calm and collected, but every once and a while he turns schitzofrzanic and insane.


his parents were murdured by gorgons when he was young. thus he swore to kill all gorgons. he gave up gorgon hunting when he attempted to kill the decendent of the ledgendary medusa. he fired neumerous crossbow bolts at her, but a miterious pirate, manadged to save her. the pirate then drew his sword and assulted smallun, breaking the tip off his sword. he then gave up gorgon hunting and joined the R'lyeh Pirates.

powers/ abilitys

black excalibur

he uses the sword of the ledgendary gorgon hunter perseus. it has the powers of darkness. the tip was shatered by Davey Jones.

Gravity Blade

He uses the crossbow of the ledgendary gorgon hunter perseus. the crossbow has the powers of darkness.

Shadow Armor

He Can create Dark Armor From The Shadows.


  • he is based of the GravityPerseusAD145WD beyblade from metalfight explosion.
  • he is half angel half deamon.


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