Slayheim is Marine Prison island, located in the Death Blue.

It is completely surrounded by water and a is massive stone building. It’s walls rise a good hundred feet and it’s smooth walls were dotted with old scorch marks from what they thought would have been cannonfire. The place had seen some battle in the past. Behind it’s perimeter walls, you can see more stone buildings peeking over the top of the walls. Whatever was behind those walls, must’ve been worth protecting.

Marines stationed:

Vice-Admiral Roog (Deceased)

Commander Ashley Ukita

1st Lieutenant Sam Rico

2nd Lieutenant Atreyu

2nd Lieutenant Fortune

Major Makura Yume

Captain Glenn

Captain Ichi




Known Prisoners record:

Axe-Head Pirates

  • Devon
  • Kirsty
  • Dusty
  • Niri (only shortly imprisoned)
  • Chizuru
  • DJ
  • Azu





Kongol (Deceased)

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