After Berrets defeat a thte hands of Verde, he regained a portion of his memory, and then agreed to follow Verde to make up for his grievous acts in Krosia. The group then sailed towards Sabaody. When they arrived they once more met Monkey D. Lily and her crew mates. They xplained that they couldn't travel to the new world, there numberse were too low. Verde assumed the same when another old friend appeared. Low and his family had managed to get to Sabaody through the good will of the Kuja Pirates. He came to swear allegiance to Verde and Lily, his families friends and saviors. It wasn't long before the four captains had an idea. All together they dismantled their four ships and rebuilt them as one, disbanding their individual crews to form one big alliance.

Crew Strength

The crew is considered to be very strong, firstly because both captains are member of th Seven Shooting Stars. In addition most of the major members of the crew have respectable bounties and many of them have epithets. The crew made up of the crews of the four original crews. They have a total of 25 members. 2 Co-Captains, a first and second mate, 2 Navigators, 4 Snipers, 4 Heavy Artillery, 2 Cooks, 4 Doctors, 2 Archalogists, 3 Shipwrights, and a few others including a Baby, an a Cat.


"Heiress" Monkey D. Lily, "Juggernaut" Leeroy J. Conner, "Parasite" Sid West, "The Hammer" Wolfgang Augustus, "Polearm" Saisa, "The Crook" Vectis D. Verde, "Time Bomb" Roberto Salvo, "Raven Arrow" Markrow Codia, Quinnly, "Picasso" Kyoko, "The Blue" Low, "Father", "Land Mine" Pepper, "Ten Ton Gun" Scallion, "Clockwork" Wardwarf, "Science Witch" Caraway, "The General", Peace, Hope, "Spellshaper" Burguois D. Berret, "Butcher of Carayla" Gallagher Gerhart, Oliver Rogers, Eido Fein, Baltimore Kobo, Turuk, and Bosco.

Ship and Flag

Having been built from the four major ships put together it holds all th accomodations the other had. The Ship has been painted Silver, Black, and White and named the "Silver Stream". Even though it has taken on a new paint job it in someplaces retains it's gold, blue, olive, or marine paint. The Ship is large, much larger than was the Thousand Sunny. This is important to hold the nearly 30 Crew members. The Flag is a smiling Skull with four, four-pointed stars, one in each corner.

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