Sil M. Mitchell is an admiral in the navy, who has consumed a devil fruit. He is the father of Sil D. Connor and Sil J. Kierryn.


Mitchell appears very much like his sons, though his hair is far shorter, similar to a buzzcut, and he wears a white shirt and pants with the admiral's cape. He stands at least seven feet tall.


Mitchell is very upright and adheres to the law. He is also confident in his power, believing himself to be strong enough to defeat EVERY pirate he faces. He despises Alo K. Rikon and Renard A. Maria, believing them to be the source of Connor's "corruption". He is willing to kill Connor, but sincerely hopes that Connor will one day cease his piratical ways and become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.


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Powers and Abilities

Devil Fruit

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