Sickle is a high-ranking police officer and member of the three Special Force agents.

Appearance and Personality

Sickle appears as a tall man with long, blonde hear that covers his eyes. He is usually unshaved and states that "washing clothes and body is for women, not for men". He wears an usual police officer coat, altough it is very dirty and ripped up. He usually speaks in a most unkind manner, discriminating everyone around him without any reason. Like Monkey D Luffy, he tends to sleep while he talks.

Powers and Abilities

Sickle ate the Irege Irege no Mi, making him able to switch places with any person he sees. He uses this ability usually when he fights a group, making his enemys fight one another. He also is a master grenadier, using all kind of bombs and firework in battle.


It is stated that he joined the Police some eight years ago. Since then he appears to have done nearly nothing, but still became a Special Force agent.

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