The Shio Shio no Mi, or Salt Salt Fruit is a Logia fruit that allows the user to become, control, and generate salt.


The user of this fruit is a man called Derek. He was lost in another timeline when a freak reality wave crossed him into a Dalek dimension where he met the Doctor with no name.


The fruit is round and white with the typical swirls. It was shaped like a large Rindo Berry, sort of like a pea pod.


This fruit has similar qualities to the Suna Suna no Mi. The basic ability of the Shio Shio no Mi is that Salt absorbs moisture and promotes dehydration. The user can drain the moisture from objects in a similar manner to the suna suna no Mi. Salt also reduces the freezing point of Ice and increases the Boiling Point of Water. This allows the user to resist Ice attacks by breaking it down into water which can be absorbed. Unfortunately and Ironically it is similar to the suna suna no Mi in another way. It is weak against water, if the user is soaked they cannot transform or their body falls apart. Salt in addition can do other things sand can include erode things quickly. Salt can break down multiple things and what's worse, the user can usurp certain matter with Slat turning living beings to salt. how this is done is not completley known. The users victimes unlike sand users whos victims become mummified, the users become "pickled". As with all Logia, this fruits user can negate damage by having it pass through their body. The user can also fly and or float by reducing their loweer body to the element that makes them up, in this case, Salt. The user is weak against Water, and Haki, and resistant against Sand, and Ice.

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