Shino Kosaka

Shino Kosaka TS

Shino Kosaka PTS

Japanese Name: キルア小坂
Romanized Name: Shino Kosaka
English Name: Shino Kosaka
First Appearance:  ????
Epithet: The Assassin(アサシンAsashin)
Japanese VA:
Age: 17(Pre-Timeskip) 19(Post-Timeskip)
Birthday: August, 9th
Height: 5'10
Bounty: Bsymbol10400,000,000

"You can't always follow your dreams by being righteous. Sometimes you have to be willing to use brute force to get what you want."

-Shino Kosaka

Shino Kosaka, also known as "The Assassin" is a pirate and first mate of the Sky Demon Pirates. He was the first member to join the Sky Demon Pirates and is considered the second biggest threat in the crew behind Hellsing D. Nero.


Shino is 19 year old young man that is tall with a lean yet muscular physique.

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