The Shimeru Shimeru no mi, also known as the Shimeru Shimeru fruit is a paramecia type devil fruit giving the user the ability to compress/decompress objects at touch. The fruit was eaten by Hayate Takuma, a well known smuggler from the South Blue.


The Shimeru Shimeru no Mi is a very small, oval shaped, fruit, approximately 3 cm wide and 5cm long. The fruit is dark grey and the standard devil fruit swirls are always invisible against the its surface. Unlike most devil fruits, the Shimeru Shimeru no mi doesn't taste much at all.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

The Shimeru Shimeru fruit allows for the user to compress solid objects on touch.This grants Hayate a great deal of possibilities in the world of smuggling. In terms of storage, the ability of this devil fruit fits perfectly, allowing for both quick and easy storage in extremely small spaces. In hiding, the given abilities fit equally well. However, there are some limits to the powers of the fruit, the prime being the strength required from the user in order to fully utilise it. Since the object compressed doesn't lose any of it's weight in the process, carrying around a big selection of objets can prove to be very strenuous. Also, compressing complex objects can be complicated and the object might be destroyed in the process if the user isn't skilled enough. Storing weaponry such as guns for example. Compressing living things is close to impossible and requires almost devine skill and complete mastery of the devil fruit abilities. Of course, the user suffers from the standard devil fruit weaknesses aswell..


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