Title Fau Ruvie, Seraphinum, the Angel of a Higher Plain
Age unknown
Height 6,2
Weight 162lbs
Weapon Simple Sacrifice
Devil Fruit Holy Holy no Mi
Laterality Right
Home Primus Mobile
Elemental Color Gold
Primary Role Raveing Gold God
Special Ability Praise
Allies None
Family Unknown
Burning Deity

Seraphinum the Burning also known as Fau Ruvie is a legendary sky pirate and the leader and most powerful member of the Reunion Triad and is the keeper of the sun. His powers were legendary as he created a devastating reputation for himself while an active sky pirate. Having settled his lust for battle Seraphinum grew bored with the little blue planet and decided to leave the planet for the sun. His legendary powers protected him from the harsh space, much as Enel did several years later. It is unknown what happened to Seraphinum after he left the planet and he was presumed dead until he arrived at Skypeia to claim the throne for himself starting the second Reunion.

“If its freedom you want. I shall….provide”


Seraphinums old and true Skypeian form has long since been forgotten so there are few who actually know Seraphinums real appearance. However after reentering the planet Seraphinum takes the appearance of a truly divine being, he has six flowing wings for feet and a graceful black one for a right arm. His lower body is also replaced with a cloudlike stand which a giant double golden ring comes out and circles his head. Orphan upon seeing Seraphinums new form claims this is not his true body but a fancy costume created by this powers, and the real Seraphinum is presumed to control it from within.

However Seraphinum is displayed as a muscular man with dark skin blue-green eyes and long flowing white hair.


  • Seraphinum’s name is taken from the Christian hierarchy of angles, the Seraphim, the absolute highest of angles, the Seraphim were said to have shouted praises to god from his throne and burned with an insatiable passion for gods divine will.
  • Seraphinum’s real name is taken from the animated series Big O, and based off one of the four primary Big’s, The master of the deep waters and ruler over paradigm, Big Fau.

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