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As a race, the Seidust Vipers are critically endangered due to the terrible nature embedded into their personalities.


Driven to war against one another in violent collisions, these large hooded-anaconda's are covered in thick chitinous scales overlapping in tones of ruby, ash, light brown, black-emerald, and occasionally pure white with usually no more than two tones per viper.

Unlike more natural snake species the Seidust Viper's maw is filled with tens of rows of minute fangs, allowing for close to fifty individual piercings per bite. The serrated edge ensures only thickly armored skin remains untouched, but any of these teeth that are broken loose are gone forever.

The eggs are usually covered in shades of dark brown and crimson regardless of what the rest of the scale will turn out as after hatching.

The underbelly has rough and uneven bumps to grip the ground with better during attacks.


Besides the exceptional durability of their scales, the incredible density of the Seidust Vipers bones allow for high-grade weapons to be produced if heat-treated properly after death. Many of the already dwindling numbers have sunk further to the point of irreversability since these properties were discovered, and sadly the main hunter is Kenta Senmaru for use in his forging mill.

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