Sandworms are large worm-like creatures that live in a dessert wasteland in the far future. They seem to be able to grow to about 7 or 8 feet long. They are carnivorous and have retractible mouth parts that can enulf lrge prey. They can also spit a corrosive acid that is likely their digestive juice. While they normaly burrow through the ground due to a weakness to extreme heat (ironically) they surface to feed, usually on large millipede like creatures that live upon the dessert's surface. They are capable of absorbing sand into their bodies somehow and release it violently when they hunt creating a sand cloud that follows them. This provides cover when hunting and keeps the Sandworm cool. Sandworms only surface without their protective sand cloud when they reproduce. The heat then causes them to explode releasing their young which will burrow into a living host or fesh kill. Baby Sandworms will eat away their parents body and then attempt to devour their parasite host from within until the creature dies and the burrow into the sand. It is obvious by the stretching mouth-parts and burrowing young habits that this creature hunts large creatures thta live on the surface of the dessert. However nothing large has ever been encountered. The only being ever to encounter and slay these creatures was Balkan D. Dairou

A Sandworm that entered the present accidentaly through unknown means

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