Gigantic Sea King Sized Manta Rays that live in the desserts of a world in the future. They possess hark bony rocky plates and horns as a hide instead of the mimi scutes found on normal manta rays. They are typically brown and travel in large swarms, which is quite a sight considering their gigantic size. An adult Sand Manta's teeth can be larger than a man sitting upon a horse which gives you perspective as to how large the creature actually is. Their shrp teeth show that they are carnivores but what the eat is unknown. They are capable of effortlessly burrowing through teh sand in the vast dessert wastes. Their primary food source could possibly giant Sand Scorpions. Despite the creatures large size they are capable of breaching the sand and glibing through the air for a ways almost like a giant whale jumping over the waves. This shows that they can move at a pretty respectable speed, as for why they do this, noone knows. These creatures are said to have been prehistoric beasts from dessert countries or predators of a future wasteland, either way the only living human ever to encounter, and vanquish, one is Blakan D. Dairou.

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