Sakkaku Sakkaku no Mi
Sakkaku sakkaku no mi
Japanese Name: Sakkaku Sakkaku no Mi
English Name: Illusion Illusion Fruit
Meaning: Illusion
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Ishikawa Shinji

The Sakkaku Sakkaku no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that turns the user into a "Illusion Man". It was eaten by Ishikawa Shinji


  • Self-Copying
  • Human-Copying
  • Object-Copying
  • Weapon-Copying
  • Disappearing


This fruit's basic strength is that it can create fake people, objects, weapons, and catastrophic events out of nothing. People who are affected by those abilities are trapped in an illusionary bubble that no one else can see. When in the bubble, people will feel anything that happens to him/her, including attacks, all sorts of pains, and emotions. Shinji is also able to teleport.


Along with the standard devil fruit weaknesses, this fruit is only able to inflict damage on a target once. Shinji is also unable to copy anything without seeing it first. If Shinji was to be knocked out or asleep, then the illusions will disappear. The only way that Shinji is able to teleport is by switching his place with an illusion that he already made. He cannot just teleport anywhere.

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