Draco Draco no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Draco Draco no Mi
Meaning: Dragon
First Appearance:
Type: Zoan: mythical
Eaten by:

The Draco Draco no Mi or Dragon Dragon Fruit is a Mythical Animal Zoan Devil Fruit that allows the Person who ate it to become an Dragon. There are so far three models of this Mythical Animal Zoan fruit, which is rare considering the fruits origianl rarity. There is the Draco Draco no Mi Wyrm Model, the Draco Draco no Mi Wyvern model, and finaly the Draco Draco no mi Lung model. Each model has it's own specialties and abilities but each are capable of manipulating the fire they allow their users to breath aswell as granting the users the ability of flight. Each individual model has other unique abilities of it's own, for example the Lung models ability to increase the longevity of it's host.

The Wyrm model was eaten by Azula's friend Ruby. The Wyvern Model was eaten by a member of the Sentinel Pirates, and the Lung model was eaten by Balkan D. Ivor, the current guardian of the land of Krosia.