First Mate of the Amber Eyed Pirates


A blonde female that doesn't fit the stereotype, she is tall for a woman standing at 5'6". Her eyes are emerald green and she wears a dark red leather jacket that stops at her navel and is usually unzipped to reveal a black shirt that revealed her cleavage. She wears black tight fitting pants on her thighs and legs, and small sandals adorn her feet.


Friendly and charming, Ruby is a great negotiator. She is a romantic at heart and is in love with her captain despite his change in personality. She is intelligent and very street smart, increasing her capability of survival in any conditions.



Ruby cares for Lazarus and Vince and watches out for them at all times. She tries to get them to understand her instinct almost never leads her astray but they refuse to listen, but she still sees them as family.


Ruby is friendly enough to make quick allies out of most anyone.


Ruby, through her affiliations with the Amber Eyed Pirates and Lazarus, has made enemies with the Marines.


None of Ruby's family has been shown.

Abilities and Powers

Ruby combines her Devil Fruit, the Inu Inu no Mi Model Fox with her cunning to beat her opponents with her fists. She is agile in combat and very deadly.


Ruby has purchased a weapon but has not been seen using it.


As a child Ruby claims to have known Lazarus despite his denials she steadfastly holds to this belief. She somehow ended up in prison and was busted out by Lazarus before joining him on his pirate crew.