Japanese Name: ローズ
Romanized Name: Rōzu
English Name: Rose
First Appearance: N/A
Affiliations: R'lyeh Pirates
Occupations: Pirate
Epithet: The Gorgon Medusa
Japanese VA:
Age: 19
Birthday: ??
Height: 5'6"
Bounty: !00,000,000(when alive)
Devil Fruit
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She has long dirty blonde hair that branches off as rattle snakes at the end. She has Sapphire-Blue eyes. She wears a purple corset and long black sleeves. She wears black trousers and black leather boots.


she is very kind and forgiving, maybe a little too much even. she cares deeply for animals and won't let anyone harm them.


She was Born a gorgon, so she has mainly been an outcast her whole life. Then One Day, A young man Came Searching For her, asking her to join his crew. Before she could answer, numerous crossbow bolts came flying past. the man grabbed her and pulled her down just in time to avoid the projectiles. The man then drew his sword and engaged the assailant breaking the tip off their sword. He was about to finish off the assailant, when rose blocked his path. She exclaimed that she hated death and wouldn't allow anyone to be killed because of her. So the young man formerly introduced himself as Davey Jones , and the assailant said that his name was Smallun . So Jones invited both of them to join his pirate crew. they did.


Being a gorgon, she can turn people to stone. Using the snakes on her hair, she can poison people.



  • Davey Jones
  • Smallun
  • Kallia
  • Naruko-tep


  • Davey Jones
  • Smallun
  • Kallia
  • Naruko-tep


  • gorgon hunters

love interests

  • Davey Jones?
  • Smallun


  • She is the decedent of the legendary Medusa.

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