Rochelle DeFrancis "The Crimson Rose" is the swordsman of the Crimson Valentine Pirates. Rochelle is a princess of the Papilla Kingdom, however by wanting freedom and wanting to prove that not all females are damsels-in-distress, she escapes from her kingdom and pursue to be a swordsman. She is the first member to join the Crimson Valentine crew.


Rochelle is described as beautiful yet cunning young woman, who has bright red curly hair, yellow eyes and dark skin.


Rochelle is rather cold and quiet to other people, because of the fact that she doesn't trust other people other than her crew mates. She's also dilligent and strategic when in comes to sword fights, yet she still keeps a graceful stance. Rochelle really despises men who are sexist about women, she only respects men who are truly gentleman to them. Other than that, she's caring and protective over only to those who are her family, or her crew.

Powers and Abilities



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