Rika is a wiry woman with a slim build. She wears her shoulder-length hair in a ponytail. She usually wears loose-fitting clothing that allows her to move around easily and generally wears no shoes. She always carries a kusarigama for use in battle wrapped around her leg with a leather cap on the blade.


Rika is a woman not easliy intimidated. Unless she is startled, that is. Most of the time, she wears a commanding mask of an expression. However, she readily screams at the top of her lungs if someone touches herwithout her knowing about it. She also tends to hit the person who touched her. This makes it a little awkward when someone needs to get her attention. Rika is also slightly claustrophobic and her close-combat ability suffers for it. To prevent this from diminishing her fighting skill, she uses a kusarigama to fight with opponents while maintaining a safe distance.


Even when not using her Devil Fruit powers, Rika is a very capable combatant. She is agile and quick-thinking and uses her kusarigama to keep opponents at a distance. She is especially adept at fighting on a ship. This also means that she suffers a slight disadvantage on land because she is too accustomed to the ocean.

Devil Fruit

Rika's Devil Fruit was the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Raven. She uses the enhanced mobility it grants her (in both full- and half-raven forms) to her advantage. She makes her attacks involve all three dimensions, swooping and diving to attack with both her weapon and her claws. In dire situations, she can even beat the air with her wings to create a blast of air that sweeps the opponent off of their feet.


Rika's tool of choice is a kusarigama: a sharp, sickle-shaped blade attached to the end of a long chain. She uses it mainly for tripping attacks and to keep her opponents at bay.



  • Perin Minamoto; Father
  • Sora Minamoto; Mother (deceased)
  • Hiroko Minamoto; Sister



Early Life

Rika grew up on the Marine Base formerly occupied by Captain Morgan.