Template:SeraphTag The Reunion Triad is a group of three powerful pirates or otherwise who have existed for an extremely long time due to their immense devil fruit powers. In ancient times, the Reunion Triad came to the world, and eventually began to fear each other's power and started a massive war, this calamity was later known as the first Reunion. The humans and animals caught in the crossfire became slaves to the Triads powers and were enslaved to the Triad to fight. Eventually the Triad realized the chaos their fighting was causing and sealed themselves in the three celestial bodies. Seraphinum ascends to the sun, Orphan resting himself into the earth, and Cheruib traversing the heavens to the Moon. With the three sealed away the First reunion ended and peace came to the earth again.

However due to the actions of the former Skypeia ruler, Enel, The Triad was reawakened and sought the heavenly body of the cloud kingdom as a fitting place to rule. Each member heading there was said to be ready to fight for their throne and ready to create a second reunion of necessary.

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