Renard A. Maria

Renard A. Maria is the former captain of the Renard pirates, now a crew member of the Alo Pirates . She ate the Hito Hito no mi, model Succubus.


Maria has long, white hair and blue eyes with pale skin. She often wears a sleeveless shirt and pants. It is said that her eyes can see into a person's soul.


While more mature and level-headed than Cat, Maria is still a carefree, easygoing woman who enjoys the company of her fellow Alo Pirates. She dotes on Sil D. Connor as if he was her son and will go to extremes to keep him safe, even attempting to use her devil fruit powers to convince him to join her crew. She respects Alo K. Rikon for both his strength and his sense of comradeship. She also likes to tease Ali , playing on the girl's original self-consciousness and insecurities.

Powers and Abilities

Extreme Intelligence: Maria is incredibly intelligent as she is shown to be able to analyse all of Connor's abilities and think of counter measures for them. Not that she was ever forced to use said counter measures.

Monstrous strength: Maria is monstrously strong, able to smash an entire main road in Leafa with a single punch.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Maria ate the Hito Hito no mi, model Succubus, a mythical-class Zoan Devil Fruit that enables Maria to transform into a beautiful, demonic form. It doesn't add to her strength at all and suffers from the same weaknesses as other Devil Fruits.

Flight: When in her demonic form, Maria gains the power of flight.

Demonic orbs: When in her demonic form, Maria gains three black orbs that she controls through telekenesis.

Entrancing Kiss: If Maria kisses or licks a person, she places them into a blissfully happy, obediant trance until they either move one hundred metres from her or fall unconscious aside from natural sleep. However, this power has limits. It has no effect of Kara L. Peter or Alo K. Rikon because of their respective combative natures nor could it work Connor as he is a Logia user. It also cannot force Ali, when under the effects of this control, to attack Connor. Thus, Maria theorises that she cannot force someone to do something competely against their nature.

Suggestive Touch: Maria can compell someone to perform actions contrary to their will. Like the above ability, she cannot force someone to perform an action completely against their nature.


Maria shown only to use Busoshoku Haki and only to grab Connor once when he was attempting to dissolve Ali's clothing while she was sleeping.


  • When Maria first revealed her devil fruit powers, her succubus form was completely naked though later appearances have her wearing a very revealing outfit instead.

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