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Kozakura Rei


Baratie, Band of Mercenaries
Waiter, Mercenary
177.8 (5'10")
Father: Unknown, Mother: Unknown
Fighting Styles:
Ittoryu, Nitoryu, Haki, Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit:
Rūn Rūn no Mi (Rune Rune Fruit)

Rei is a member of a band of mercenaries who works for both the pirates and the World Government. While he is not requested on a mission, Rei works in the sea restaurant, Baratie.


Rei is a dark skined, fit man. He has snow white hair, most likely to be combed back. Rei is often seen wearing his waiter uniform, casual clothing, or armor.


Rei is a goofy man, despite his age and maturity. He is always trying to cheer Kenta up, despite always screwing up. Despite this, Rei is a formidable enemy in battle. His childish personality changes to a serious, but he still often trips and laughs.

Powers and Abilities


Rei is a formidable swordsman, capable of using a two handed sword using only one hand with ease. Due to his Devil Fruit, Rei is capable of summoning Rune Weapons, allowing his Sword Arsenal to expand further.

Devil Fruit

  • Bakuhatsu Rūn (爆発ルーン meaning Explosive Rune): Rei either places a Rune on the target, and remotely detonates it. Depending on the symbol chosen, a specific element will be chosen.
  • Buki Rūn (武器ルーン meaning Weapon Rune): Rei creates a Rune on any surface, and depending the chosen Rune, a weapon will appear. This technique works both offensive and supportive.
  • Buki Rūn: Museigen Asenaru (武器ルーン:無制限アーセナル meaning Weapon Rune: Unlimited Arsenal): This type of Rune can be created in any form of matter, even in mid air. Upon destruction of the Rune on Rei's hand, thousands of millions of Runes surge from any surface, even in the air and in liquid substances, like water. From those Runes, random weapons will surge and rip to shreds any target caught in the zone radius. Logia type Devil Fruit users may dodge this, unless the attack is imbued with Busoshoku Haki.
  • Tate Rūn (盾ルーン meaning Shield Rune): Rei creates an over-sized Rune in front of him, blocking him form damage. Some attacks even have the ability to break this barrier.

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